List of References and Easter Eggs in “The Day of the Doctor”

One of my favourite parts of watching the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor” – besides, well, everything – was all the little references to the show’s history. I loved all the callbacks so much I’ve decided to make – with the help of a few Tumblr gifs – a belated live-blog/list of the homages that were littered throughout the special, although I’m sure there were many, many more. Mostly new Who, but for a more thorough list that includes the entire history of the show, check out the list done by BBC America’s Anglophenia.

00:00 Classic Doctor Who theme and logo. From when the show first aired.

00:18 76 Totter’s Lane and Coal’s Hill Secondary School. Where we began half a century ago (as I am told) and where (as I am also told) the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan Foreman was studying in “An Unearthly Child.” 

00:26 “No more.” More of an in-episode reference, but it’s seen on the board in Clara’s classroom.

04:46 “Nice scarf.” The Doctor compliments Osgood’s Fourth Doctor scarf. 

12:56 “There’s never a big red button.” The Doctor’s fascinated with big buttons. In “The Christmas Invasion” he pushes a great big threatening button and, surprise, surprise, saves the Earth.

13:13 “It’s nothing. It’s just a wolf.” BAD WOLF Rose Tyler has returned!

14:28 Bad Wolf Rose’s “Hello!” wave. Seen often during Ten and Rose’s era.

Doctor Who David Tennant Tenth Doctor Hello Hand Wave

20:44 A machine that goes Ding! The ‘ding!’ machine from “Blink”! Ten uses it in 1969 to track down Billy, telling Billy, “It goes ‘ding!’ when there’s stuff.”

21:07 “You think the Queen of England would just decide to share her throat with any old handsome bloke in a tied suit just ’cause he’s got amazing hair?” As if we didn’t know he had great hair already. In “Turn Left,” Rose tells Donna, “He’s a man in a suit, kind of tall, thin… great hair. REALLY great hair.”

21:50 “Oh good one Doctor, nice one. The Virgin Queen. So much for history.” In the beginning of “The End of Time,” Ten explains his delay to Ood Sigma by saying amongst other things, “Got married. That was a mistake. Good Queen Bess. And let me tell you her name is no longer… mmm.” Naughty Ten!

22:24 “I’m the Doctor. I’m 904 years old. I’m from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. I’m the Oncoming Storm and the Bringer of Darkness.” Very similar speech to the one Ten utters in “Voyage of the Damned,” and he’s been called the Oncoming Storm by Rose and his Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh incarnations.

24:23 “1200 years I’ve never stepped in anything that wasn’t [important].” A cheeky retelling of Eleven’s speech in “A Christmas Carol” in which he says, “Nobody important? Blimey, that’s amazing. You know that in nine hundred years of time and space and I’ve never met anybody who wasn’t important before.” 

25:10 Eleven’s obsession with fezzes. “I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.”

26:37 The fez! It’s a plot device to help explain the timey-wimey plot again à la “The Big Bang.”

27:03 “Very skinny. That is proper skinny.” Eleven isn’t the first to make that observation. In “The Runaway Bride,” Donna says, “God, you’re skinny.” Also, one of David Tennant’s trademarks, according to IMDb, is “very thin.”

27:34 Eleven and “cool.” “Oh. He’s cool. Isn’t he cool? I’m the Doctor and I’m all cool. Oops I’m wearing sand shoes.”

27:56 The brainy specs! And Amy’s reading glasses!

32:20 Eleven: “It’s a timey-wimey thing.” War Doctor: “Timey-wimey?” Ten: “I have no idea where he picks that up.” As in, he has every idea, because he was the one who came up with the phrase in “Blink.”

33:59 “Chinny” 

Doctor Who Matt Smith Eleventh Doctor Regeneration   Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Regeneration Chin Matt Smith

36:59 The seat the Master tied Ten up in in “The End of Time.” If I’m not mistaken! There’s a better view of it at 37:11.

37:11 Jack Harkness’ Vortex Manipulator! 

39:10 Sigh, Rose’s longing look at Ten. Followed a little later by what Tumblr calls one of the rudest shots in the history of time and space tbh.

Doctor Who Ten Rose David Tennant Billie Piper Day of the DoctorScreen Shot 2013-11-26 at 1.03.57 AM

41:01 “Spoilers.” Eleven’s picked up his wife’s catchphrase. 

43:32 “Nice suit.” Yeah, we know.

47:22 Ten’s TARDIS!

47:27 Ten marries Elizabeth I and dashes off right after, promising he’ll “be right back.” Oh, so that’s why she shouted “Off with his head!” when she met him in “The Shakespeare Code.” 

48:56 River Song’s heels. First seen in “The Time of Angels” and now stored in the Black Archive. As the camera zooms pas them, a Zygon says, “The equipment here is phenomenal. The humans don’t realize what half this stuff does. We could conquer their world in a day.” In heels of course, sweetie! 

53:35 So here’s where the infamous shot of the shoes came from.

54:44 Did you think The Cybermen would let the 50th go by without making an appearance? Delete!

54:48 All(?) the Doctor’s past companions are seen on the noticeboard, aw. 

56:00 “Your eyes. You’re so much younger.” In “Silence in the Library,” River says the same thing when she meets Ten – “Your eyes. You’re younger than I’ve ever seen you.” 

1:03:43 “Oh Bad Wolf girl, I could kiss you!” “Yeah, that’s gonna happen.” And happen it does! See: “The Parting of the Ways,” “New Earth” and “Journey’s End.”

1:06:17 All the Doctors! 

1:06:32 “Now for my next trick…” It’s Nine! I had hoped it was really him and that Moffat had been lying his arse off – like he always says he does – but he wasn’t. This is footage from “The Parting of the Ways.”

1:06:41 No wait, all THIRTEEN Doctors. IT’S PETER CAPALDI. 

Peter Capaldi Eyes Day of the Doctor Doctor Who 50th Anniversary All 13 GIF

1:07:14 “Geronimo!” and “Allons-y!” Eleven and Ten’s catchphrases. Add to that the War Doctor’s “Oh for God’s sake, Gallifrey stands.” (Is this his catchphrase now?)

1:09:32 “I hope the ears won’t be as conspicuous this time,” the War Doctor says as he is regenerating into Nine.

Doctor Who Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston Mirror   Doctor Who Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston Ears Mirror

1:11:00 “Trenzalore. We need a new destination because I don’t want to go.” Oh Moffat, it’s brilliant – Ten’s last words on this show remain intact.

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor David Tennant Regeneration I don't want to go

1:12:40 TOM BAKER. TOM BAKER EVERYBODY. That’s who Osgood got her scarf from, even if The Guardian says otherwise (they talked with Moffat). 

1:14:53 All the Doctors! Gallifrey falls no more! In fact, Gallifrey stands!

So what did I miss? Proper review to come… 


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