Lyrics from 2016 that I want to write down over and over again

A few years ago, I spotted my sister writing down the lyrics of Mumford & Sons’ “Little Lion Man” on a post-it note, something that I had also found myself doing previously. We had a discussion then, about how, sometimes, a song’s lyrics are so beautiful and moving that you feel the need to – as she put it – “do something with them”. Write them out, type them down, to make them tangible, anything but copying and pasting from Genius.

It’s something I can’t quite explain, but it’s exactly why handwritten lyrics line her sketchbook and entire pages in my diary, and why I occasionally find old notes on my iPhone with a single verse from a song I had painstakingly typed out, letter for letter.

These were lyrics that made me want to do that in the past year, inspired, in part, by Pitchfork‘s favourite lyrics of 2016.


“The Anchor” – Bastille

Let those fools be loud, let alarms ring out
‘Cause you cut through all the noise
Let the days be dark, let me hate my work
‘Cause you cut through all the noise

Bring me some hope
By wandering into my mind
Something to hold on to
Morning, noon, day or night

You are the light
That is blinding me
You’re the anchor that I tie to my brain
‘Cause when it feels like I’m lost at sea
You’re the song I sing again and again
All the time, all the time
I think of you all the time

“Gemini Feed” – Banks

And to think you would get me to the altar
Like I follow you around like a dog that needs water
But admit it that you wanted me smaller
If you would have let me grow
You could have kept my love.

“All Night” – Beyonce

“Our love was stronger than your pride,
Beyond your darkness I was your light,
If you get deep, you touch my mind,
Baptize your tears and wipe your eyes”

“Fake It” – Bastille

Melt me down,
I’m like wax to your jokes.

“On Hold” – The xx

“And every time I let you leave
I always saw you coming back to me
When and where did we grow cold?
I thought I had you on hold”

“The Sound” – The 1975

Well I know when you’re around
‘Cause I know the sound
I know the sound of your heart

“2Shy” – Shura

Let’s go find a corner we can sit in
And talk about that film instead of us
Even though throughout it I was thinking
I was gonna say I love you afterwards

“Glory” – Bastille

You make me laugh until I die,
Can you think of a better way to choke?

“Worry” – Jack Garratt

You came around to say that you’ve been away, as if I hadn’t known
As if I don’t wake up every day, not seeing you go
As if this moon of ours only shines a half to make me feel whole
As if I haven’t felt your breath in every step I take when the wind blows


*Sorry the list is, as expected, very Bastille-heavy. If Mumford & Sons had released an album this year, it’d be a very different story.


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